Get your art on!


We all have an inner art critic… and an inner artist… When you’re feeling a bit lost, distracted or stressed, try one of these fun art activities (click for the link) to get you re-set and charged again… you just may be surprised with your results….Be open to paint, paper, pencils, funny lines and shapes, clay, and any material that interests you, and get to your masterpiece!

Happy Trees

As a child I can recall watching a few episodes of Bob Ross and his “happy little trees” – I didn’t get it then, but I think it sunk in, and some 25+ yrs later – viola’ .. YES, trees do make us happy!

I too support the belief that simply spending some time , every day, outdoors , does wonders for our bodies and minds. The creative brains at “Happify” made this infographic to show us the connection between smiles and trees (and a few shrubs, grass and maybe some flowers and a few birds… :) )


Crafty Zen


Looking to bring some zen into your own room? home? classroom? Here are a few great places to check out! Zen gardens are a lot of fun to build, and use… and, of course, they’re simple to make. You can add to your zen garden too – and create it with your own signature “design” too… take a look and get zen crafty!

Japanese Zen Gardens – find out what they are, how to make one and how to use it in your own home, office, classroom , etc.

Zen Stones – find some river rocks or favorite flat stones (you can even pick some up at Home Depot or Lowes!) and use sharpies or paint to create unique, zen patterns like these:


Not sure which color to choose for your next zen craft or creation? Use this interesting chart on the psychology of color for a better look at what your colors really mean.

Jars are a great place to make mini plant scenes! Take a look at just how easy it is here… Spice-Jar-Mini-Terrarium_tzom

Take a Break…

“I just want a break!” – don’t we all… Just be careful what you wish for. Taking a break by making time for yourself, being specific on what kind of break you want, is important. It can be just a few minutes and it can make all the difference in the world.

Here are a few visual ideas on making time and taking “good for you” breaks! enhanced-buzz-16027-1363628705-9 enhanced-buzz-31945-1363637998-2 enhanced-buzz-24775-1363641611-0 enhanced-buzz-17304-1363627749-16 enhanced-buzz-16169-1363626461-10