Be True

There are moments when we catch ourselves in a lie. It may be a “white lie,” just something a “little” off from the truth, or, it may be a real, big, lie.

Watching children is an amazing study in watching lies develop. It’s not always pretty, and, it can be funny at times too. But why do they do it? Why should a 3 year old tell me she didn’t eat the cookie when I clearly see crumbs all over her mouth?!

Most lies are caused by fear. Even toddlers fear what the reprocrusion may be when mom or dad founds they snuck in an extra cookie, or two!  Adults tend to do the same thing, except we get so used to just “stretching” the truth, that white lies don’t even bother us any more. And that’s where it needs to stop.

When I was first learning to beome a Reiki master, my teacher said “never lie.” And  I laughed thinking “I’m an adult! I know not to lie.” But she was right. Slowly, I become more aware of me, of my words and my actions. I stopped stretching my truth, and noticed just how easily some of those little while lies snuck out! I also felt the difference  in my body – telling lies isn’t healthy. Your body will let you know that too . Listen to your body and notice how you feel on a daily basis. Look within? Did you recently tell someone a bit of an “untruth”? Do  you have a headache? stomach pains? Notice what may feel a bit uncomfortable and be true to yourself. Admit when you’ve made a mistake or told a lie. Watch for the signs. Make yourself a healthier person at the same time.

These days I know when it’s a lie, I’ve learned to listen to my body closely and it tells me right away. I see in my daughter that telling lies is something she is beginning to to  understand can cause a belly ache, and not just because she snuck in an extra cookie.

Take the time to listen. Be still. Be honest an be true, to you.



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