Multi No More

Within five minutes I could do some design work, eat a snack , make a quick phone call and file away some paperwork – and I was proud. I could multi-task like mad and I did it so well. And then, I realized, multi-tasking was what I was doing well – not the tasks involved.

I’ve been attempting to “unravel” myself from the multi-tasking conditioning for some time now. It’s not always easy, as I stumble back into old habits all too easily. However, taking up just one task at a time is so much better, so much lighter and freeing than glaring at a long to-do list and making checks with a timer planted next to us. There’s less stress when there’s no multi to “task.” There’s a better feeling of accomplishment. A better feeling all around.

Recently, on a movie, one of the first and last lines referred to the speed at which we live our lives, hence we become the “human race.” It has a lot of truth to it. We race, almost always. But why? Do we NEED to race?  Are we SO disorganized that we have to race to get things done? ok, I’ll admit, I’m a bit disorganized at times, but hey, I get things done. What doesn’t get done, well, it happens, eventually.

Does this mean you get to leave the house to clean itself? figure out how the bills can be written by a robot? and oh, can that robot make all of the family meals AND walk the dogs too??? No, of course it doesn’t. But what “un-multi-tasking” means is to take one chore, one project, at a time, and complete it with all of your awareness on just THAT one thing. Then, move on to the next. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Try it for a day, and see how far you get.

I can get a good 3-4 full screen shots on my lovely Mac 🙂 but is that always a GOOD thing? Can I REALLY see ALL of those screens at once? Do I NEED to see 3 or 4 screens all at once? I’m sure my eye doctor would have a lot to say about that one too. But no, I don’t NEED 3 screens at a time. I don’t NEED to hear something, watch something and type something ALL at the SAME time. That’s quite an overstimulating of the senses!

Keep your lists. Make lots of lists! I love them too! Just take your list one line at a time. One line at a time.

Happy un-multi-tasking!


6 thoughts on “Multi No More

  1. hi just visiting from the forum you blog looks good , some advice , limit the TOTAL number of categories and tags to 9 or 10 the search engines tend to ignore posts with more , also in your long posts if you install the ” read more ” button it will shorten the scrolling people may not like that , you can see it in my blog and most others , also install a category widget for your posts. i think thats me finished :), harry

  2. Agree completely on the multi-tasking. I was forced to stop multi-tasking awhile ago and its changed my appreciation for everything actually in my life. I don’t see everything in it as just one more thing to get done. But it does mean you have to deal with everything not being perfect either.

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