Have you hugged your pet today?

It’s 3pm, have you hugged your pet today?

If you recall some TV ads from the early 1980’s – they sounded a bit like the above line, but had nothing to do with pets and everything to do with children. However, be it 3pm or 3am, the idea of hugging your pet is a good one.

You’ve had a long day. You’ve had a great day. You’ve had a stressful day. You’ve gotten a lot done today. All great reasons for hugging your pet! The fact is you have a furry friend (or two, or even more) waiting for you at home, wanting your attention. That little hug or even a few nice pets between the ears or on their shoulders can mean a lot – and not just for your pet. By simply spending just a few quite moments with your pet, you’ll find a sense of relaxation and calm – for the both of you. If this isn’t the case it could mean that your pet is picking up on some stress and doesn’t want to relax with you. Your fuzzy little cat or dog could actually be telling you to slow down by not curling up with you for some hugs.

If the idea of hugging your pet, or just carving out some time to be with your pet, sounds a little “out there,” you may want to simply consider why it is you have a pet in your home. They may have fur, but they still want for attention. Pets are much like young children. The rewards of having a pet can also be greatly beneficial too.

All too often we take our pets for granted. Couples spend countless hours with their pets then have children and find that their best furry friends have taken a seat in the back, there’s less time for them, and less attention. It’s a very common situation which can be easily cured. Make the time for your pets, just like you did before life took some changes. Try the “one pet hug a day” experiment and make sure to give your dog, cat, or rabbit a nice little hug or pet each and every day. It doesn’t have to be hours of play time at the park, just a few special moments every day can prove to be true therapy for you, and your pets.

For more information about pets and the benefits of being a pet owner check out: Pet Therapy Holistic Online and Animal Reiki Source 


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