Be The Change…

We know the quote, and we do our best to live by it…

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

These are words I look at again and again, especially in these past few days. Many of my friends and family have seen the devastating effects of what a hurricane is capable of doing.

I watch trucks and workers around the clock, working to remove debris, trees and wires so everyone can get back into their homes, or, simply drive down the street.

Be the change…

On the evening of Hurricane Irene I took some time to meditate and thank her. I hoped to be the change and send grace and kindess to  an act of nature. Thanking her for the change she may bring.

I wanted no harm, no destruction of any kind. I asked that the animals would be cared for and find a safe place.

Though there have been some “ugly” post-storm effects, there is more community, more communication. There are more people witnessing nature and what it’s capable of doing. There are more people spending more time in nature, noticing, cleaning, caring.

…See in the world…

Making time to listen, ask, find grace is something all of us can do – every day. Meditate. Pray. Speak. Listen. Be the change… Be grateful and spread grace.


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