doing the Work…

I don’t get paid to write this. It’s something, however, I want to share. It’s something I believe so many of us can truly benefit from. If you haven’t heard of “The Work” by Katie Byron, I highly suggest taking a look at the site.

“Who would you be without your story?”  – it’s the most powerful question I’ve ever been asked. It’s also the one that makes the most sense in figuring out our stresses, fears and joys.

Katie’s work is thought work. By looking at our thoughts we can find a true peace of mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve mastered a completely “clear” mind. I’m still quite human and still get “stuck” and frustrated. BUT the Work is like my yellow flag. When I feel some stress coming on, I simply turn to The Work. It’s very helpful.

Of course I should also add that I use breathing , yoga and Reiki techniques for stressful events and thinking as well. A good walk. Playtime with our dogs. There’s lots of other methods for helping clear stress.

However, The Work will help get to the root of the problem. Yes, feeling good is one thing, but getting to the core is essential.

Everything you need is on The Work site. It’s free and you can do it any time anywhere. It’s a wonderful resource and tool. I thank Katie for providing us with this every day.



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