Sparkle your Calm!


As part of my “mindfulness” work I talk to students about what their brains look like on a daily basis and how easy it is to allow too many ideas in… In fact, we have about 60-80,000 thoughts a day ! Trying to “see” those thoughts is , of course, impossible. But , sadly, many of them lead us to a lot of unnecessary stress.

I usually use the glitter/water balls or wands to show students just what this looks like. I also have a lovely little collection of holiday shakers too – but the jars are a great way to get kids involved too.

Our brains look much like these glitter jars… Tiny little thoughts floating all over, all of the time… If we allow the glitter to gently fall to the bottom, we can also visualize a way to, in fact, calm our minds and thoughts.

Making these jars is easy! Just follow the directions left here by The Untrainedhousewife! 

I used some mini glass jars for classes of 10-20 and got great responses! Some students love carrying these with them on test days too… Very inspiring minds……..


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