Time Off…

The holidays have come to an end. The cold weather is setting in too… after a number of oddly warm days. And, I noticed, that I haven’t posted here in some time… my apologies. I was taking some time off – no computers, phones, emails, Ipads…

Over the winter break I wanted to truly enjoy my time with family and friends. I wanted to be mindful of all of our experiences together – and being “unplugged” – helped me do just that. While I love my gadgets, I do know that keeping them at a distance is something we all need to be more mindful of too.

If you’re not certain about how to unplug, just begin. Simple steps every day… No phone for an hour. No computers after dinner. No Ipads in bed. Use the time to BE with yourself, your family or your friends. Notice your conversations and how they may change when you’re not checking your phone every 2 minutes. Watch your interactions with family during your meals, when the Ipad isn’t at the table. Spend time with YOU, breathing, practicing yoga, a favorite sport or hobby, or a good book, instead of sitting in front of the computer after a long day.

And yes, there’s a book for that! :


the #s and facts aren’t too pretty for tech-savy teens:


and yes, it’s true….




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