Mindful Walks

It just snowed a LOT … they said 28″, but with drifts and winds, it’s more like 4 feet! ok, well, close… But it’s also beautiful! The shoveling and the work were intense… yes, my back and shoulders are already feeling it a day later, but well worth it.

What I also love about snowy days are the walks… It doesn’t have to be a perfectly sunny and bright day out to enjoy a walk. In fact, the snow is a great time to enjoy a real mindful walk. It’s a wonderful way to learn how to walk mindfully or simply improve and benefit your mindful practice.

Get a good pair of snow boots on and add your warm and fuzzy scarf, hat and mittens and find a clear road or path that’s walk-able. Feel the air against your skin. Listen to the snow and the sounds it makes as you walk through it. Notice how your body feels, your feet, your legs, arms, etc. Take note of the trees around you, the branches, the birds, animals, the slight wind or temperature in the air. If you want, take your camera or a journal, and capture some of your most mindful moments.

By now we all know the benefits of a good walk. On snowy days, you don’t have to trek for miles , you may just want to spend 10-15 minutes with some good , clear snowy air and work on your mindful practice. Get outside, it’s good for you.


Check out this article too on how walking benefits your brain…  Happy snow trails!



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