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mindfulbio-pdf  , aka >  my “Mindful Bio”  🙂

Early research on mindfulness shows great promise. According to Mindfulschools.org, “Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness is a powerful tool for combating multiple mental and physical problems and disorders, for example, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mood and anxiety disorders.”

As a mindfulness educator and instructor,  I have been able to work with a number of students and teachers in providing mindfulness trainings and workshops to aide in improving study and learning conditions as well as behavior and social issues arising in the classroom, playground and at home.

Training & experience: MBSR training UMass; Omega Inst. Mindfulness for Educators; Mindful Teachers; NY Open Center; over 12+ years in public school classrooms and non for profit sector.

I provide:

*complete mindful sessions, workshops and trainings for school staffs and students

*mindful consulting for small businesses and non for profit organizations

*meditation  and yoga work and training for individuals, families and children

I am also a certified yoga instructor for kids and families as well, opening hearts, muscles and minds.

If you are interested in mindfulness classes or workshop sessions please contact me at: tvl297@gmail.com



Guided Mindful Nature Walks. taking place in the central NJ region in spring and fall. If you’re interested in getting notifications about these sessions please email me >  tvl297@gmail.com


My article on Teaching teens and Mindfulness can be found here as well as at All Things Healing here . More of my work, educator/training links, favorite books and resources can also be found on the resources page here.

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  1. Thank you for presenting your workshop on Mindfulness at our New Teacher Retreat in Tennessee. We received excellent feedback on your seminar. Many teachers are incorporating your materials and information in their classes. We hope to have you back in Tennessee soon! Thanks again!

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