Mindfulness & Teaching


As a teacher, I’ve had great success in making mindfulness a part of my classroom , but first , and most importantly, it’s a practice that is a part of my every day living.

The following links are resources for learning more about mindfulness, incorporating it into the classroom, office and lessons. There is no need to recreate the wheel – there are LOTS of resources out there, it’s a matter of finding the ones that resonate, practicing,and making good use of them.

Mindful.org, Education pages

The Mindful Teacher

Mindfulness in Education Network

Mindful Schools

Everyday Mindfulness

Wake Up Schools

Mindful Kids

Association for Mindfulness in Education

Mindfulness Practices for Classrooms

Present Moment Mindfulness

Sample classroom activities

Room to Breathe


Growing Happiness


Room to Breathe DVD – See how mindfulness transformed a classroom with the highest suspension rates in San Francisco into an environment where learning happens! Included on the DVD are expert testimonials from Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Megan Cowan of Mindful Schools, as well as testimonials from students featured in the film.

*Need visuals? Go to Pinterest and type in “Mindfulness” – you’ll find LOTS of interesting info and visuals! Another good link is visual.ly  for graphics and all things visual.



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