The Simple Things…

There’s really no use in reinventing the wheel… Especially when it comes to mindfulness. The only issue is – we need to remember just what the wheel does!

This is a great piece from – reminding us that stress is optional.



School Days….

It’s almost that time of year – back to the books, back into the classroom (I happen to love the start – and end! – of school!)   Here’s a great resource for students (and teachers) about going into the classroom, mindfully….



Click here for the resource > mindfulness x students  (from

The Greater Good…

I love the material that comes from Greater Good, a resource center and organization a the Univ. of CA, Berkeley.

It’s a wonderful place to find some interesting articles on the brain, mindfulness and help with stress and anxiety…

Click here for the link  to their mindfulness quiz! and take a tour of their site and resources while you’re there… Enjoy!