And We’re Back…



To school that is… As a teacher and mom, the summers are GREATLY appreciated. Having lots of quality time with my family and friends is a wonderful opportunity. Of course, going back to work after 2 lovely months, can be tough (even if I have done this for 15 yrs!)  I know that other colleagues, moms and educators share the feeling… So I wrote about getting ourselves back to work mindfully this month. You can find the article here. And while some of us may not be educators or parents, simply getting into the “swing of things” – can sometimes be tough. We hit stumbling blocks – it’s ok, and just part of the journey. Using some of the mindfulness techniques mentioned here just may make those blocks a lot easier to get by.

You may also want to use some of the resources from this blog for other “tips and tricks” on using mindfulness in your every day living.

Lastly, a few visuals (for rainy days or times you’re “forced” to be at your computer) to help you breathe a bit easier…









Artful Findings

I came across this wonderful piece today on how to make a personalized mandala… If you enjoy working off some stress or just finding some breathing space with coloring and art, this is  wonderful inspiration from an artist at Soul Flower (great clothing too !) to get you creating your own patterns and designs from simple things around your home.



Visit the link here for the full article and ideas.

Finding Cheer… or, how to have a bad day…..

You’re allowed to have a bad day – you really are.

I had one yesterday – it sucked. I didn’t fight with it, it was just what it was – bad. I allowed all of the emotions to just be what they were, felt every damn one of them – recognized them all. Took a great walk in the rain – yes, a bit chilly and wet, but I stumbled across this:


There is was, a great paint job too! Right in front of my tears and anxiety, BAM! > Cheer up! It probably should have read “Cheer THE HELL Up!” But hey, no complaints.

Yes, I continued to have a few “bummer” moments but I got through it. I kept this photo with me for the day too, as a reminder.

Messages are everywhere – make sure to be mindful enough to pay attention to them.

How to have a bad day:

1. Allow and recognize your emotions and feelings – write them down if you have to. Need to cry? Cry.  Don’t fight or “try” to make it better – allow and recognize……..

2. Don’t dwell on the things that come from #1, just recognize and bring attention to your thoughts and feelings. No DWELLING. Breathe through each emotion (ie> “I’m upset with____. I’m breathing through_____”  or try “I’m breathing in peace and I am breathing out ____”)

3. Recognize the thoughts that are “bad” – are they true? do you KNOW they’re true? Again, no dwelling.

4. Get OUTSIDE. Pretend you’re the postman, “…’nor rain, ‘nor wind…” blah blah blah… GO. Even if it’s for 5 minutes – breathe in some of that amazing air from your pal, Mother Nature.

5. Do some yoga. Read a GOOD book. Call a friend or relative. Write in your journal. Doodle. Cook up something yummy. Shop (carefully!). Do something you love and make time for you.  No dwelling – just keep recognizing.

6. Become aware of your surroundings. Without trying, watch for messages – they can come in many forms….

Have a great bad day!