rocks and minerals…

While taking in some of the beauty of Mother Earth this summer I had a few questions come up about rocks, stones, minerals and their “powers”…. While I’m not an expert in this arena by any means, over the course of many years I have noticed that I have a tendency to be a bit of a rock collector…. And here’s my 2 cents about their “powers”: pick up a stone or rock, a mineral… what do YOU feel? is it something YOU feel connected to ? does it have a meaning for YOU?       So, if YOU picked up on the YOU part – YOU got it! I do feel as though there is a connection with some of the pieces I keep at home, and work. And that’s really all that matters, YOUR connection. But, of course, I also discovered this pretty little infographic that helps explain some of the “powers” of these pieces should you want a little more meaning and info 🙂




Feed Your Chakras!


There’s no secret, lots has been written about chakras – and there’s some great info that matches up to foods and our chakras too! 

I’ve created a little list – from a multitude of sources – that helps to ID some of the foods that match up to our chakras. SO, if we need some balance, eat up! If you find yourself “off” balance, maybe you’ve had a few too many of these foods? Check out my resource page for the download and observe your eating habits – your chakras will thank you 🙂

Happy (mindful) Eating!

some other helpful sources for chakra foods: 

Daily Om


Chakra Foods for Optimum Health (book)

Intro to Chakras and Healing with Crystals

Introducing you and your chakras!   Here’s a quick clip about chakras – if you’re new to learning about chakras check out the resource page for more info where you can find links and resources to learning more about chakras.

Watch the clip below to learn how using crystals, in coordination with your chakras, can help in energy healing.

My Pets, My Teachers…

I don’t think I’ve ever been without a pet in my life.  As a child, my parents had dogs. I was five or six when I was introduced to my first “shelter experience.” That was something that would never leave me. That day, we ended up adopting an adorable puppy mix breed. Frisky, as I called her, lived to be 14 years old and saw me through three changes of address and my high school days.  She was a wonderful little dog and I still feel her presence with me at times.

Maybe it was Frisky, or Yoda, Axis or Jonathan (our first house cat!) that drew me into working with animals. Then again, maybe it was just the chemistry I found with animals to be so fascinating. Just listening to our pets can teach us so much.

Today, many a dog, cat, bird, horse  (and even llama!) later, I’m certified in the ancient art of Reiki healing, and, I feel a full-circle effect. My numerous experiences with animals have led me to understand that working with them is a calling and has been since I was a child. The full-circle effect feels so similar to what I felt as that 5 yr old at the shelter so many years ago.

Children and animals share a very common bond, an understanding that adults, very often, can’t see. It’s because children and animals are closer to a world that we (the adults) once knew very well too, but slowly, moved away from. The world is that of simply listening and being present. Learning from what is taking place now. Learning from playing.  Learning from observing.

How many times did you sit on the curb and watch friends play? argue? hug? cry? You remember those moments, you were present for them. Your childhood holds a number of geniune memories such as those because of how you lived your life at that time.

Back to our furry friends, who, at times, also need healing. Reiki is an ancient art which emphasizes the use of different hand positions on an animal (child, adult or even plant) and aides in directing energy. It deal with the various chakras. Combinging my love for animals, my listening and years of experience in working with so many, I have found that Reiki can work wonders on our four-legged friends.

If you’re not schooled as a professional Reiki Master, it’s ok. You can try a simple excercise with your pet at home. Reiki also works as a calming method for many animals as well. Simply sit with your pet (dog, cat, bird, etc.) in a comfortable and familiar area. Rest your hands lightly on your pet’s back or shoulders.  Feel where your pet may be tense. Listen. Move your hands until you find an area where your pet is beginning to relax and feel a sense of calm.  If you have a young dog, you may find that this may be a short session. If you have a pet with special needs, you may find yourself doing this more and more often. Whatever the case, practice makes perfect. Take some time each day to work with your pet. You may be surprised at what you find. You may also find yourself to be “healed” a bit too.