Happy Trees

As a child I can recall watching a few episodes of Bob Ross and his “happy little trees” – I didn’t get it then, but I think it sunk in, and some 25+ yrs later – viola’ .. YES, trees do make us happy!

I too support the belief that simply spending some time , every day, outdoors , does wonders for our bodies and minds. The creative brains at “Happify” made this infographic to show us the connection between smiles and trees (and a few shrubs, grass and maybe some flowers and a few birds… 🙂 )



Finding Cheer… or, how to have a bad day…..

You’re allowed to have a bad day – you really are.

I had one yesterday – it sucked. I didn’t fight with it, it was just what it was – bad. I allowed all of the emotions to just be what they were, felt every damn one of them – recognized them all. Took a great walk in the rain – yes, a bit chilly and wet, but I stumbled across this:


There is was, a great paint job too! Right in front of my tears and anxiety, BAM! > Cheer up! It probably should have read “Cheer THE HELL Up!” But hey, no complaints.

Yes, I continued to have a few “bummer” moments but I got through it. I kept this photo with me for the day too, as a reminder.

Messages are everywhere – make sure to be mindful enough to pay attention to them.

How to have a bad day:

1. Allow and recognize your emotions and feelings – write them down if you have to. Need to cry? Cry.  Don’t fight or “try” to make it better – allow and recognize……..

2. Don’t dwell on the things that come from #1, just recognize and bring attention to your thoughts and feelings. No DWELLING. Breathe through each emotion (ie> “I’m upset with____. I’m breathing through_____”  or try “I’m breathing in peace and I am breathing out ____”)

3. Recognize the thoughts that are “bad” – are they true? do you KNOW they’re true? Again, no dwelling.

4. Get OUTSIDE. Pretend you’re the postman, “…’nor rain, ‘nor wind…” blah blah blah… GO. Even if it’s for 5 minutes – breathe in some of that amazing air from your pal, Mother Nature.

5. Do some yoga. Read a GOOD book. Call a friend or relative. Write in your journal. Doodle. Cook up something yummy. Shop (carefully!). Do something you love and make time for you.  No dwelling – just keep recognizing.

6. Become aware of your surroundings. Without trying, watch for messages – they can come in many forms….

Have a great bad day!