It’s almost summer time…


Summer is just around the corner… check out this GREAT post from“25 Summer Self-Love Ideas” – so many awesome thoughts and inspirational ideas…  #s 10, 12 and 20 are a must!



Take a Break…

“I just want a break!” – don’t we all… Just be careful what you wish for. Taking a break by making time for yourself, being specific on what kind of break you want, is important. It can be just a few minutes and it can make all the difference in the world.

Here are a few visual ideas on making time and taking “good for you” breaks! enhanced-buzz-16027-1363628705-9 enhanced-buzz-31945-1363637998-2 enhanced-buzz-24775-1363641611-0 enhanced-buzz-17304-1363627749-16 enhanced-buzz-16169-1363626461-10


Mindfulness Scale

We’re surrounded with resources galore. And I’m not one for “re-inventing the wheel.” So here’s another great resource> a Mindfulness of the Body Scale from . Click here for the printable and a visit!

Don’t forget to take a mindful breath when you’re a bit stressed, feeling hungry and unsure, or just a bit “out of focus,” … it can do wonders!