Bits & Pieces

Prepping for some upcoming workshops and finding bits and pieces of “left over” ideas  and materials…. I have a love for visuals, and seemingly, so do most of the people I meet with for mindfulness workshops. Need more inspiration? Take a look here for LOTS of ideas on how to incorporate mindfulness into your life…….2c25bf9fdbd831dfddad4be81bb23dc8.jpge875335303329a3c999354c068e156aa.jpg08a61e0f149daf8f144f66c82c6c8aa2.jpg8-art-therapy-ideas.jpg6-art-therapy-ideas.jpg


The Greater Good…

I love the material that comes from Greater Good, a resource center and organization a the Univ. of CA, Berkeley.

It’s a wonderful place to find some interesting articles on the brain, mindfulness and help with stress and anxiety…

Click here for the link  to their mindfulness quiz! and take a tour of their site and resources while you’re there… Enjoy!