Creative Yoga Styles

Take a look at this great piece on yoga styles from Omega Institute (I LOVE it there!) – if you’ve never been, any time is a GREAT time to take a visit. They have some amazing classes, or , simply, a wonderful place for some rest, breathing and space….



Happy Friday the 13th!

Yes, for me, Friday the 13th is a GOOD day. It’s a happy day.

A. it’s Friday – hello!

B. I’m Italian – the #13 is a lucky number (however, don’t talk about Fri the 17th in Italy!)

It’s also my last “alone” day to a beautiful week-long vacation I just had…  “ommmmmmmm”   Though my blog does list a few of these fun filled places, I wanted to share some of my favorite links and sites that I’ve visited recently – and often 🙂

Theses are some great places of inspiration and journey… Enjoy!!!

Kind over Matter   – the name says it all!

Soul Full – art, connection, journey… awesome!

Sounds True –  my type of “amazon”….

Plum Village – Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings and community

Marie Manuchehri – Energy Intuitive

Donna Eden – Energy Medicine

Idealist – great community to work, volunteer and learn

Omega Institute – amazing workshops and people!

Classroom Yoga – for kids and adults